CEEPS Will Present the Research on Russian Public Diplomacy in Latvia


On September 25, the Centre for East European Policy Studies (CEEPS) will present its latest research “Russian Public Diplomacy in Latvia: Mass Media and Non-Governmental Sector”. The event will be held in the Hotel Monika conference hall from 11.00 a.m. till 1.00 p.m.

The research authors – Andis Kudors, Māris Cepurītis, Ainārs Lerhis, Mārtiņš Kaprāns and Anda Rožukalne – will present their findings in the sphere of specific character of Russian public diplomacy and its impact on social-political processes in Latvia. After presentation of the research conclusions, it will be possible to ask questions also to the other authors of the collection of articles – Valdis Tēraudkalns, Alexei Grigoryev and Rinalds Gulbis.

What is the difference between Russia’s understanding of soft power and public diplomacy and the practice of the Western countries? What would be the assessment of the influence of Russian mass media and policy toward the compatriots in Latvia in the context of Ukrainian events? What the Latvian mass media policy should be, considering the volume of propaganda and misinformation on Russian television channels’ broadcasts? The researchers, who had been involved in creating the collection of articles, will answer these and the similar questions.

It will be possible to follow the course of the presentation (in Latvian) undertaking online in the CEEPS homepage www.easteurope.lv, as well as on the portals www.delfi.lv and www.politika.lv.

The number of seats is limited, thereby the interested persons are invited to send their applications in written form to the CEEPS Communications coordinator Ieva Dzelme-Romanovska, e-mail address: ieva.dzelme@appc.lv, or contact her on phone number 29 26 82 81.