CEEPS is participating in the project which illuminates the Kremlin’s disinformation


The Centre for East European Policy Studies (CEEPS), together with partners from Res Publica (Lithuania) and Propastop (Estonia), is involved in a project

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Why Latvia will Continue to be Called a “Second Speed Country”


Kristīne Skujiņa-Trokša, Associate researcher, Centre for East European Policy Studies
Mārcis Balodis, Researcher, Centre for East European Policy Studies

Like other Russia’s

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The Report on Perceptions of Democracy and Conspiracy Theories in Latvia has been Published


The report “Voices of Central and Eastern Europe. Latvia Country Report” has been published. It’s conducted by the international think tank

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Best wishes to this Christmas and in the coming New Year!

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When will Putin get tired of paying for Lukashenko’s madness? 4th VIDEOcomment


The only one who needs Lukashenko to some extent is Putin. However, it seems that the Russian president, by supporting the dictator, which is no longer

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Blood pours on the asphalt, but Lukashenko is waiting for winter/3rd VIDEOcomment


One of the best surgeons in Belarus, Miss Belarus 2008, several TV presenters, the winner of the Olympic Games in decathlon, world champions in several

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