Māris Cepurītis: Crisis as Opportunity or What Is Russia Doing in Syria?


30.10.2015. Laiks Pasaulei

There have been 230 000 casualties in Syrian conflict since its beginning in 2011; 7,6 million Syrians have been forced

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Ainārs Lerhis: May 8 or May 9 – Celebration or Commemoration?


There exists an opinion in Russian political elite that a “coordinated history” – a joint view on the course and results of the World War II – should be achieved in the whole

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Olesya Yakhno: Methods of Russian propaganda


Olesya Yakhno is a Ukrainian politologist, who is known for her analysis and research on Russia’s newest propaganda methods. Having a doctor’s degree in political science, she

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Andis Kudors: Russian Media against Ukraine: Impact of Lies and Fear


12.08.2014. www.balticscholars.stanford.edu

Our main task is to develop effective information campaigns wherever Russia’s interests face real challenges by

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Andis Kudors: The “Russian world” as a vacuum-cleaner


24. 04. 2014. www.balticscholars.stanford.edu

“Our country absorbed a variety of representatives of ethnic groups, nations and nationalities like a vacuum cleaner” these

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Andis Kudors: New Breath in the European Union Eastern Partnership


01. 10. 2013. www.ir.lv

EU Eastern Partnership Summit will be held in Vilnius soon, which may make its entry in the history as the Eastern Partnership activating summit where the

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