Informative material on March 16th


On March 16, some organizations regularly, annually, use false allegations against Latvia and Latvians, including for reviving and supporting Nazism

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Māris Cepurītis: Crisis as Opportunity or What Is Russia Doing in Syria?


30.10.2015. Laiks Pasaulei

There have been 230 000 casualties in Syrian conflict since its beginning in 2011; 7,6 million Syrians have been forced

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Ainārs Lerhis: May 8 or May 9 – Celebration or Commemoration?


There exists an opinion in Russian political elite that a “coordinated history” – a joint view on the course and results of the World War II – should be achieved in the whole

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Olesya Yakhno: Methods of Russian propaganda


Olesya Yakhno is a Ukrainian politologist, who is known for her analysis and research on Russia’s newest propaganda methods. Having a doctor’s degree in political science, she

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Andis Kudors: Russian Media against Ukraine: Impact of Lies and Fear



Our main task is to develop effective information campaigns wherever Russia’s interests face real challenges by

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Andis Kudors: The “Russian world” as a vacuum-cleaner


24. 04. 2014.

“Our country absorbed a variety of representatives of ethnic groups, nations and nationalities like a vacuum cleaner” these

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