When will Putin get tired of paying for Lukashenko’s madness? 4th VIDEOcomment


The only one who needs Lukashenko to some extent is Putin. However, it seems that the Russian president, by supporting the dictator, which is no longer

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Blood pours on the asphalt, but Lukashenko is waiting for winter/3rd VIDEOcomment


One of the best surgeons in Belarus, Miss Belarus 2008, several TV presenters, the winner of the Olympic Games in decathlon, world champions in several

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What is Lukashenko’s tactic for maintaining power? 2nd VIDEO comment


Lukashenko’s strategy today is simple: to hold power for as long as possible at all costs. It is implemented in various tactical steps. Among other

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How the Belarusians stopped being shy and “fired” Lukashenko/1st VIDEO comment


Due to the stress caused by the virus pandemic and the unrealized help of the government, the Belarusians managed to recover from the apparent “helplessness

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3rd podcast episode: Does Russia’s economy have a hope of modernization under Putin?


Why does Putin’s system prevent the sustainable development of the Russian economy? How can Russian capital become toxic? Why are the countries

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2nd podcast episode: Is the future of Belarus in Russia’s hands?


What scenarios for Belarus could be in Russia’s “weapons arsenal”, how much resources would Putin be ready to spend in support of Lukashenko? And finally, could

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