CEEPS offers expert video comments on the situation in Belarus


Following the situation in Belarus, the Centre for East European Policy Studies (CEEPS) launches a video commentary series “WHAT’S GOING ON IN BELARUS? OBSERVATIONS FROM THE INSIDER.”. At the invitation of CEEPS, VALERY MATSKEVICH, Belarusian politician, public figure and a member of the Coordinating Council, will give his comments on the situation in Belarus.

The commentary cycle includes 4 videos in which V. Matskevich will explain: how and why civil society became more active in Belarus; what factors contributed to the increase in public dissatisfaction; what is Lukashenko’s current strategy and tactics; what are the demands and plans of the society and opposition politicians, as well as what is Russia’s influence on the current proceses in Belarus. As events unfold, comments on other topical issues could be added to these topics in the future.

“Valery Matskevich, being an active representative of civil society, as well as working in the Coordination Council, is well-versed in the processes taking place in Belarus and is able to explain them in a binding and well-understandable manner. In his comments, he mentions both current facts and figures, as well as situations from Minsk on a daily basis, thus providing a comprehensive vision of an expert and a politically active citizen of Minsk about what is happening both on the city streets and in political processes. The quality of the video is quite simple, because preparing professional-level recordings for sending abroad is more complicated and time-consuming in all respects, and in Minsk, doing so at the moment could be even dangerous. In this case, the value of the comments is directly in the content, not in the quality of its form, ” the video comment series is described by Ieva Dzelme-Romanovska, communications and project coordinator of CEEPS.

Videos in Russian with subtitles in Latvian will be published on Tvnet.lv and Rus.tvnet.lv. They will also be available on the CEEPS website Ceeps.lv and through CEEPS accounts on the Internet platforms Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The first video with an accompanying article summarizing the topics covered in the video will be published November 17.