The Russian Economy: Prospects for Putin 4.0

Gramatas vaks

Will Russia succeed in modernizing its economy during Vladimir Putin’s fourth presidency? Is Russia prepared for the eventual change in the EU’s demand for energy as a result of the EU turn to greener consumption? Does Putin’s power system promote innovation and balanced regional development? What is the impact of the money flowing out of Russia in the West? What narratives about economics do official Russian propagandists use to influence audiences in the Baltic States? Answers to these and other questions have been sought in the book “The Russian Economy: Prospects for Putin 4.0”.

The collection of articles was developed by an international team of authors from Russia, Poland, Germany, Lithuania and Latvia. The book is a compilation of two approaches; research methods of both political science and economics help to understand current events and trends in Russia.

The editors of the book are economist Jānis Hermanis and politologist Andis Kudors.

The collection of articles has been created in cooperation with Friedrich Ebert Foundation and the Representation of the European Commission in Latvia.

The collection of articles is available here.