Russian Public Diplomacy in Latvia: The Media and the Non-Governmental Sector


The study analyzes the concept of public diplomacy, its development and Russia’s specific understanding of public diplomacy. The topicality of this study is related to the need to reassess the tools of Russian public diplomacy – the use of the media, the issue of Russian compatriots, cultural diplomacy, history and religion in foreign policy.

The study concludes that the implementation of Russian public diplomacy in Latvia shows that several of its dimensions – media messages, addressing language and citizenship issues, promoting specific interpretations of history – divide Latvian society and increase tensions there, rather than fostering good relations with Russia.

The authors of the study are Andris Kudors, Māris Cepurītis, Ainārs Lerhis, Rinalds Gulbis, Mārtiņš Kaprāns, Anda Rožukalne, Artūrs Kvesko, Valdis Tēraudkalns, Aleksejs Grigorjevs.

The research (in Latvian) is available here.