Representation of International Events in Latvian Internet Media

petijuma par inet medijiem vaks

The book examines how Latvian internet news portals conceive international events and analyzes how these events and processes are portrayed in Latvian Internet media in Latvian and Russian.

The study analyzes striking events in the international arena that have created and continue to cause great resonance in the Latvian media in recent years: the NATO Warsaw Summit; The Russian doping scandal and Brexit; the asylum seeker crisis in the European Union and the annexation of Crimea; Western sanctions against Russian officials and businessmen in connection with Russian aggression against Ukraine; Konockdown of Malaysian Airplane MH17; Russian participation in the Syrian war. Content analysis of six internet portals was carried out in all cases: LV Delfi, Rus Delfi, LV Tvnet, Rus Tvnet, and The choice of these portals is related to their popularity in the Latvian and Russian language environment, as well as differences in the interpretation of events found during the feasibility study.

The authors of the research are: editors – Mārtiņš Kaprāns un Andis Kudors, authors – Māris Cepurītis, Didzis Bērziņš, Ilze Šulmane, Solvita Denisa – Liepniece.

The research (in Latvian) is available here.