The trainees of CEEPS have prepared investigative articles on Belarus


During the practice which the new researchers from Belarus this summer spent in Latvia as a trainees participating in the research activities of the Centre for East European Policy Studies (CEEPS), the research papers have been prepared. Tatiana Kliatskova reserches how the export product diversification in Belarus could serve the national economy and security. Maryia Bialkovich describes the interaction of Belarusian foreign policy and economics, comparing the impact intensity of Russia and the European Union in the country.

The article of  Tatsiana Kliatskova is available here.

The article of  Maryia Bialkovich is available here.

The young researchers from Belarus – Tatsiana Kliatskova and Maryia Bialkovich – this summer as a trainees participated in the research activities of the CEEPS. The project was organised by the think tank of Lithuania – The Eastern Europe Studies Centre (EESC). Within this project several young political scientists and economists from Belarus spend a month in the research centre in one of the EU countries to improve their knowledge and research skills. The aim of this Project is to promote independent research development in Belarus and communication between young researchers.