The New Research of CEEPS Is Joined by Experts from Estonia and Lithuania


3.2The second work seminar of this June 2 assembled the authors of the joint project – research “Baltic Countries’ Economic Relations with Russia and Belarus: Risks and Opportunities” conducted by CEEPS and Latvian Foreign Policy Institute. This time Latvian researchers were joined also by their colleagues from Lithuania and Estonia.

The emerging research authors informed about the completed activities and held a discussion, chaired by the editor Andris Spruds, of the plan of further research.

The aforementioned research was initiated by CEEPS in this January. The research is to be publicized in the form of a book edited by political scientist Andris Spruds. The research co-ordinator – CEEPS executive director Andis Kudors, the authors: Gatis Pelnens, Edijs Bosch, Didzis Klavins, Karlis Bukovskis, Andrejs Jakobsons, Arvils Zeltins and Diana Potyomkina. Estonia will be represented by Karmo Tuur, and Lithuania – by Vadim Volovoi and Liudas Zdanavichius.

The research conclusions and recommendations will be presented to a broader public of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania soon. The research development is sponsored by Soros Foundation – Latvia.