Russia’s Footprint in the Nordic-Baltic Information Environment


Report “Russia’s Footprint in the Nordic-Baltic Information Environment”presents the first results of the project ‘Russia’s (Dis)Informa­tion Activities Against the Nordic-Bal­tic Region’, which was initiated in 2016 as an ongoing project for mon­itoring and analysing Russia’s infor­mation influence in the Nordic-Baltic region (NB8), which includes Den­mark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Nor­way, Latvia, Lithuania, and Sweden. In the period of 2016–2017 four pilot studies were conducted to answer questions about the aims of Russia’s information activities in the region; the use of the ‘compatriot’ policy as a tool of influence; the narratives Russia is using to advance its aims in the NB8 region; how the information provided by Russian state-funded media in some of the NB8 countries is used and how much it is trusted; and about public opinion regarding the narratives Russia promotes in some countries in the region.

The report is available here