Researchers discuss Latvia’s relations with Russia, Belarus and Poland


polu petnieks

On September 12, Dominik Wilczewski an analyst at the Instytut Europy Środkowej, was visiting the Centre for East European Policy Studies (CEEPS) to discuss issues related to Latvia’s foreign policy, including relations with Russia, Belarus and Poland, with Ainārs Lerhis, Chairman of the board at CEEPS.

The meeting was initiated by a Polish colleague. Since his previous publications have been about politics, history and social issues related to the Baltic States, in the context of his current research, the researcher also wished to gain a broader insight into the direction of Latvia’s foreign policy from history to the present. These include the current situation in the Latvian Parliament, its possible impact on foreign policy change, Latvian-Russian relations and their possible development in the near future, as well as differences in the foreign policy positions of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Meetings with colleagues and researchers are always relevant and mutually valuable, therefore, during the meeting, the researchers agreed to continue communicating and exchanging ideas on foreign policy issues in Latvia and Poland, and expressed their readiness to cooperate in joint projects.