Kudors in Prague explains the influence of Russian disinformation


Andis Praga2

In the previous week, Andis Kudors, the Executive director of the Centre for Eastern European Policy Studies (CEEPS), was invited to speak at a discussion on the subject “Russia’s Impact Operations: The View of the Baltic Sea States” held in Prague, Czech Republic. The event was organized by the Center for Transatlantic Relations at CEVRO Institute, in cooperation with Civic Institute and the Embassies of the Republic of Latvia and the Republic of Lithuania in the Czech Republic.

Andis Praga3

Addressing the discussion audience, A. Kudors emphasized that the Kremlin uses both traditional (TV and radio) and new media (web portals and social media) to influence the Latvian society. Much of the disinformation is related to a specific interpretation of history and misleading messages about the economies of the Baltic States, explained the Executive Director of CEEPS.

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