Experts in Slovakia discuss – how to counter Russian propaganda


On December 18, Andis Kudors, Executive Director of the Centre for East European Policy Studies, participated in a seminar in Bratislava, organized by International Republican institute (Slovakia).
The seminar was organized within framework of the Beakon project, which is made to support a stronger and broader transatlantic dialogue on how to jointly defend the core values of liberal democracy against threats from both outside and within. Bratislava2

Speaking at the event, Andis Kudors outlined how the Russia’s media and the compatriot policy influences Latvian society. Bratislava3In order to develop a counter strategy to defend liberal democracy against Russian encroachment, the organizers of the particular seminar will create a network comprised of representatives from political parties, party foundations and institutes, independent think tanks, non-governmental organizations and media outlets from the EU and its neighbourhood. This network will exchange relevant research and various counter-propaganda projects including strategic communication activities, success stories and failures.