DELFI, in cooperation with CEEPS, starts the project “Debunk”


At the beginning of May, a new DELFI project “Debunk” was launched to readers, created in cooperation with the Centre for East European Policy Studies (CEEPS). In the new section of the portal it will be possible to read and listen to revealing materials about disinformation, which is deliberately distributed in the media and social networks hostile to Latvia.

The project “Debunk” is a logical continuation of cooperation with CEEPS, whose analytical materials on disinformation on the DELFI portal have been available since 2016. They cover the Kremlin’s mouthpiece’s misconceptions about Latvia in both the media in Russia and Latvia, revealing the most common propaganda techniques and channels used to sow hatred and divided society.

More than a year ago, such a project “Demaskouk” (“Debunk”) was launched by Lithuanian DELFI, and this spring it has also been joined by colleagues from Latvian and Estonian portals.

In the “Debunk” section, materials and podcasts created by CEEPS researchers will be available once a week, both on current Russian propaganda conspiracies and manipulation methods, and on readers’ observations in the public space about specific cases of misinformation.

The new section can be seen here.