CEEPS’s Executive Director Speaks at Seminar on Russia’s Policy Development Scenarios


Andis vertikaliOn January 20, Andis Kudors, Executive Director of the Centre for East European Policy Studies (CEEPS), participated in a seminar on Russia’s policy eventual development in 2016 “Future Perspectives of the Russian Federation under President Vladimir Putin”, held in Tallinn by International Centre for Defence and Security.

At the seminar, A.Kudors spoke about Russia’s foreign policy in a broader context, touching upon Russia’s specific conception of the multipolar world order. IMG_0498

IMG_0470Presentation of Lev Shlosberg, representative of Russian political party “Yabloko”, at the seminar was dedicated to the issues of current situation in Russia’s domestic policy in the context of the approaching parliamentary election. In his turn, Tomas Ries, representative of Finnish National Defence College, addressed the theme of the Baltic countries’ security and defence topics.