CEEPS will publish articles on Russian narratives and techniques of disinformation


The Centre for East European Policy Studies (CEEPS) will publish a number of informative analytical articles at the portal Tvnet.lv, thus continuing its work on capturing and exposing Russian disinformation messages, as well as informing and educating the public about the methods of developing disinformation messages, their use and meaning.

Materials for the series of articles will be prepared using the data obtained within the CEEPS project “Disinformation Campaigns against Latvia, the EU and NATO: Exploring Narratives”. The project is supported by the International Republican Institute (IRI). The Internet media is routinely scanned using “Versus”, a media monitoring tool developed by IRI.

The articles will be prepared by Mārcis Balodis, researcher of CEEPS. The first article analyzes how and why misinformers so actively use the theme of history in their messages.

In order to reach a wider audience, including both Latvian and Russian speakers, the articles will be published in the Latvian as well as the Russian version of the portal Tvnet.lv. Translations of articles into English will be available on the CEEPS website ceeps.lv.

The first article is availbale here: in Latvian, in English, in Russian.