At Lāčplēsis Day, Chairman of CEEPS urges to never stop guarding the freedom of Latvia


Since the restoration of Latvia’s independence, national security and defense have not been automatically guaranteed for hundreds of years ahead

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The Chairman of the Board of CEEPS speaks at a conference dedicated to the Centenary of the Latvian Foreign Service


Latvia’s representatives gained their first diplomatic experience in extremely difficult circumstances – at the end of the First World War

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CEEPS exposes the topics and methods of Russian disinformation in Latvia


It has been two and a half years since one of the leading news portāls in Latvia publishes a series of articles created by the Centre for East

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In a new projec CEEPS will make a reserch on Russia’s economics and it’s impact


The Centre for East European Policy Studies has started a new research project on the Russian economics. The aim of the project is to raise awareness

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The chairman of the CEEPS board meets representatives of the Russian opposition


On October 8, Ainars Lerhis, Chairman of the Board of the Center for East European Policy Studies (CEEPS), attended a meeting with representatives of

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Researchers discuss Latvia’s relations with Russia, Belarus and Poland


On September 12, Dominik

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