Research in Economic Presence of Russia and Belarus in the Baltic Countries Will Be Presented


On November 30, Latvian Institute of International Affairs (LIIA) and Centre for East European Policy Studies (CEEPS), together with researchers from Lithuania, Estonia and Russia

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Participants of Experts’ Discussion Call to Take Care of Protection of Information Space


„We should take into account that the modern information technologies open a wide range of possibilities which, being implemented purposefully, may influence directly the society’s

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The Importance of Uniform Education Was Stressed at a Conference


Education is of essential importance in the process of society integration, and it may form a united nation which, unfortunately, has not been done yet in Latvia. The divided education

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At a Discussion, Experts Indicate That Russia Impacts Latvian Society and National Security through the Mass Media


Russia exerts a negative influence over Latvia’s society through the mass media, deepening split, hampering the society integration processes and thereby posing threats to national

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At the Chicago Conference, the CEEPS’s Executive Director Is Going to Characterize the United States’ and Russia’s Cultural Impact on Latvia


On April 26, Andis Kudors, Executive director of the Centre For East European Policy Studies, will present his lecture Latvia between Two Gravity Centres of Soft Power – the

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Presentation of the CEEPS’s Research Took Place at the US Centre for Strategic and International Studies


The research  „Latvia and the United States: a New Chapter in the Partnership” was presented by Andrejs Pildegovics, Latvian Ambassador to the United States, and Andis Kudors

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