Belarusian Foreign Policy: 360°


In what ways have relations changed between Belarus and Russia after the annexation of Crimea? How serious is Alyaksandr Lukashenka’s criticism for Russia? Is Minsk interested

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CEEPS Will be Presenting a Book on the Foreign Policy of Belarus


On May 31st, at 12.00 o’clock in Radisson Blu Ridzene Hotel the Centre for East European Policy studies will be presenting its newest book “Belarusian

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The Baltics in weak Europe: be tough and don’t panic


“Prone to ups and downs in their feeling of ‘eternal transition’, the Baltic front-line states do not panic. It strenghtens them in the belief that the choice to join NATO

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Latvian foreign and security policy. Yearbook 2017


A publication by Latvian Institute of International Affairs – “Latvian foreign and security policy. Yearbook 2017”, supported by the Parliament

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The Minutes from Latvia podcast is back and this time the guest in the pod is academic and geopolitical expert Andis Kudors


Topics discussed range from NATO cohesion and Russian infowar to the lessons to be learned from Ukraine and how Latvia can play a role in proving that being Russian and being a supporter

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Presentation of the Book “The War in Syria: Lessons for the West” Will Be Held in Brussels


Presentation of the book “The War in Syria: Lessons for the West”, issued by the Centre for East European Policy Studies, will be held on 29 November in Brussels.

Main conclusions

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